BiocareUV Ltd will research and develop new UV technology with associated control software. This will be tested in NHS Tayside sites as part of the SBRI.

The Scottish Government funded Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition has funded a number of projects through the Chief Scientific Office (CSO) with additional contributions from Transport Scotland.

The aim of the SBRI is to research and develop solutions that aid prevention or reduce the spread of droplet and airborne biological hazards, reduce NHS staff reliance on single use disposable PPE, and allow the return of clinical procedures which are currently considered high risk because of their aerosol generating nature.

The Test Bed environment is provided by NHS Tayside and should bring expertise from technical, clinical and support areas in order to consider and evaluate a potentially broad range of available solutions.
To read more about this from NHS Tayside, click here

BiocareUV’s specific challenge is to offer potential solutions for air and/or surface decontamination which will reduce the infection risk in an occupied area and reducing the need for PPE to be worn. We look forward to being able to provide updates on this project but are now well into planning and building arrays to temporarily install, in a variety of settings, within the test bed in the near future. Our software suite to enhance both safety and effect is undergoing bench-testing already.

Across BiocareUV Ltd we have a range of disinfection solutions to suit every need in the current crisis and beyond. For further details on the products themselves, please click here. For more information and pricing contact us below

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