About BiocareUV

About BiocareUV

Working with companies worldwide to make everyday life safer!

An outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is an increased need for safe, disinfected public spaces. BiocareUV have been working with the government and healthcare sectors to provide a solution to the ongoing health issues in the UK and the rest of the globe.

Our Far UVC products safely sanitise rooms and high touch areas leaving them free from pathogens, bacteria and viruses such as Covid 19, MRSA & Norovirus.

Manufactured in the UK with government support, BiocareUV strive to make day to day living safer. The products come in various forms, from a hand held BioWAND unit which sanitises the area manually, to a BioLUME which fits into the ceiling and sanitises the room throughout the day, BiocareUV have the right solution for you.

Meet the BiocareUV Team

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