“BiocareUV, The world’s
most trusted provider of
Far UVC sanitisation for
occupied spaces”

Working with companies worldwide to make everyday life safer!

The revolutionary Far UVC technology safely sanitises indoor areas leaving it free from bacteria, viruses & all known pathogens.

Introducing the

The BioWAND is hand held and the battery unit is straped to the operators back. It is waved over the desired area, killing bacteria and viruses leaving it safely sanitised.

Suitable for high touch points such as PC equipment, phones, door handles, canteen areas and restrooms.

Introducing the

This tile fixture can be used in conjunction with the existing lighting to provide continuous air and surface disinfection in occupied spaces.

The BioTILE safely sanitises the area over WiFi in conjunction with our proprietary software. Ideal for offices, hospitals, trains, aeroplanes, hotels and all indoor spaces with lower ceilings. 

Introducing the

BiocareUV’s BioPORT uses Far UVC 222nm light to provide a disinfection system that is a safe entry with pathogen protection to stadiums, events, cruise ships and hospital wards.

Optional health passport QR reader, thermal hand scanner & barcode scanner can also be installed.

Introducing the

Because of the lamps power, the BioLUME is ideal for high ceilings. It safely sanitises the area throughout the day destroying any viruses or bacteria that are present.

The BioLUME is perfect for Arenas, Airports, Train Stations, Stadiums, Churches, Conference Centres and other occupied spaces with high ceilings.

BiocareUV Biolume

Our innovation significantly reduces air and surface contamination by pathogens (inc human coronavirus, but not exclusively) and enables safe sanitisation of occupied spaces to known standards (ISOs and BSIs), 24/7, without constant cleaning and the use of bleaching agents making our products the most efficient technology for cleaning the air that we work and live in.

HOW? By using Far UVC which is a filtered Ultraviolet (UV) wavelength
making it safe for occupied spaces.

Regulations are changing to acknowledge the safety of filtered far UVC for occupied spaces.

BiocareUV aspires to help significantly reduce future pandemics and epidemics by providing Far-UV disinfection products that can continuously disinfect air, surfaces, and water; the quality of which has a profound effect on our health and well-being.

Far UVC (222 nm) light is the first safe, effective, autonomous, and continuous disinfection system for occupied spaces.

A key element of any pandemic prevention strategy, Far UVC is a proven disinfection method against all harmful pathogens, both viral and bacterial and can protect your customers and staff by stopping the spread of Covid and other harmful viruses.

BiocareUV’s products use Far UVC at 222nm, an ultra violet wavelength that kills 99.9% of all pathogens with no damage to skin and eyes.

How will this benefit me?


222nm Far UVC lamp is safe around humans.


Destroys all known viruses & bacteria in seconds.


Available for use in all occupied spaces.


Our revolutionary system is fully automated, meaning no need for training.


BiocareUV are proud to say that all of our manufacturing takes place in the UK.

• BiocareUV products provide safe 24/7 air and surface protection against airborne pathogens (bacteria, viruses, spores and fungus) without adversely affecting surfaces, electronics or materials.

• A huge financial benefit to you as sanitisation costs would be reduced as well as the potential to reduce staff absences due to sickness.

Key Features

  • 222nm Far UVC lamp is safe around humans
  • Easily integrated into current lighting system
  • System is entirely automated so no need for training
  • Far UVC uses no consumables other than electricity. It will reduce the need for cleaning products both in volume and in repeat application, thus creating a cost, environmental and sustainability benefit .
  • Our software service uses proprietary software and algorithms, plus ground UV sensors to run analysis on any given space which determines likely effect and coverage ensuring it remains within regulated exposure limits whilst delivering optimum biocidal effects.

“I don’t want to live in a world where another pandemic can occur at any point. So the idea about installing a Far UVC light is that, had they been present at the start of Covid, it wouldn’t have had the Global impact that it did have”


The next generation in sanitisation is closer than you think!