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Far UV (222nm)

Far-UV (222 nm) light is the first safe, effective, autonomous, and continuous disinfection system for occupied spaces. A key element of any pandemic prevention strategy, Far-UV is a proven disinfection method against harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds and spores; and has been used extensively for many years.

A part of the electro-magnetic spectrum, invisible to the eye, Far-UV has a more specific wavelength (222nm) than traditional UV-C; and more photonic energy. Far-UV at 222nm cannot penetrate the tear layer of the eye; or the outer dead-cell layer of the skin. It is ideal for Retail & Hospitality; Healthcare; Transportation & Travel; Education establishments; and many more public spaces.

BiocareUV aspires to help prevent future pandemics and epidemics by providing Far-UV disinfection products that can continuously disinfect air, surfaces, and water; the quality of which has a profound effect on our health and well-being