Introducing BiocareUV’s new BIOPORT™ Far UV sanitising gate.

Part of a range of Far UV products at 222nm that are designated safe for occupied spaces.

Designed and manufactured 100% in the UK with government backing.

Weighing just 102kgs the #Bioport is easily assembled and light weight

With 2 high-power Far-UVC biolumes on either side, the Bioport safely and swiftly sanitises as you walk through in just a few seconds.

Optional extras include:

A piezoelectric vaporising system, similar to fogging but in an aerosol format to accentuate sanitisation without damaging materials or clothing.

A QR reader for e-tickets and NHS health passports.

A health temperature scanner for last minute health checks to supplement the QR reader.

With #healthpassports becoming a hot topic in the UK and the government encouraging mandatory use in high risk environments, the Bioport not only provides peace of mind and safety for large indoor events, nightclubs and sports stadiums but allows easy entry with the QR reader at the entrance to the Bioport, allowing only those with protected status to enter potentially risky environments.

Already being implemented globally at airports the Bioport is an essential for customers wishing to swiftly identify vaccine status whilst simultaneously providing scientifically proven sanitisation of any exterior pathogens.

Used in conjunction with Biocare’s other products 99.9% efficacy can be provided in your occupied space against #covid and other pathogens such as flu and norovirus.

The option to assemble and disassemble the Bioport can be used by rental companies providing lighting and video to temporary venues for concerts and conferences.

Get in touch with BiocareUV today to find out more and speak to one of our team.

We are the solution.

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